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Bullying at Work - Solicitors Compensation Claim

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Bullying at work is now recognised as a major problem both from the point of view of the employers and the bullied employees affected. A bully can have a significant effect on the physical and mental health of the workforce and in many circumstances; the effect of bullying at work can remain with the victim for a substantial period of time. However, in addition to the effects on individual workers, it can have a serious impact on the efficiency of organisations where it is estimated that 40 million working days are lost at a serious cost to employers and victims are highly likely to suffer stress related illnesses, which in turn will lead to significant levels of absence from the workplace, hence affecting the productivity of businesses. It can also have a serious effect on the moral of the workforce and if employers fail to deal with the problems caused by a bully, then the culture of their organisation will also suffer. Employees who are the victims of this type of behaviour often instinct a bullying at work solicitor which may result in considerable expenditure by the employer in taking legal advice and subsequently paying out unlimited damages awards.

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Work Bully Definition

Bullying at work can take many forms, but can be defined as 'persistent, offensive, intimidating, malicious, insulting or humiliating behaviour, abusive power or authority which attempts to undermine, humiliate, denigrate or injure an individual or group of employees, which may cause them to suffer stress'. The remedy for counteracting the work of a bully is to instruct a bullying at work solicitor to make an application to the employment Tribunal for compensation. If you have suffered, you should urgently contact a specialist employment solicitor for advice on workplace bullying compensation claims.

Examples of bully behaviour in the workplace can include:-

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Bullying Legislation

As things stand at present, there is no specific legislation in the UK that a bullying at work solicitor can rely on which provides rights to employees who are being or have been bullied at work. This does not mean that they have no legal protection against a bully, but it does mean that they will have to look to other employment law related legislation and/or common law principles, if they wish to seek redress.

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Employment Law Solicitor

If you would like an initial free consultation for advice to find out whether you have a good case, how to go about claiming and how much your compensation might be worth you can call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices. If after talking to a specialist lawyer you decide not to take matters further you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged for our initial advice session.

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