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Employment law solicitors deal with the rights of both employees and employers including discrimination, harassment, victimisation, bullying, data protection, discipline, grievances, dismissal, Employment Tribunals, Employment Appeal Tribunals, health & safety, maternity and parental rights, terms and conditions of employment, Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) and working time regulations.

Employment Tribunal

There are numerous employment law statutes passed by the UK parliament which work in conjunction with EC regulations. Some legislation is specific to particular issues that frequently arise whereas some serious matters must rely on nonspecific legislation for enforcement. The remedy for employers is usually dismissal in the event that an employee has transgressed but this remedy must be applied in a lawful manner in accordance with the legislation. In the event that an employee believes that dismissal was unlawful they have recourse to the Employment Tribunal (ET), with an appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal and thereafter an application to the Court of Appeal. The ET can make a declaration, order re-instatement or award financial compensation. In all cases time limits apply and there should be no delay in contacting an employment solicitor if you intend to make a compensation claim for unfair dismissal, discrimination, harassment or victimisation. Certain applications attract financial awards that are unlimited in amount including sex, race, age, disability, religious beliefs, pregnancy, marital status or sexual orientation discrimination, harassment or victimisation and the usual requirement for a minimum period of employment does not apply in these cases.

UK Legislation

Just some of the legislation that deals with employment law are as follows :-

Specialist Emplyment Law Solicitors

Our specialist employment law solicitors offer initial advice at no cost on the liability of the employer and the likely amount of compensation that may be awarded. If you would like to speak to us just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email or offices.

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