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Victimisation occurs when an employee who has made a complaint to the employer or who has made application to an Employment Tribunal or who has taken legal action or who intends to take any of those actions usually for sex, race, age, disability, religious beliefs, pregnancy, marital status or sexual orientation discrimination or harassment is treated less favourable by others including co-workers, line managers or senior management with a view to either retribution or intimidation to oppressively encourage withdrawal of the complaint, application or legal action. Victimisation is a form of bullying either by single actions or by repeated behaviour on a discriminatory basis. If a victimisation solicitor can prove that this behavior has occred then an application to a tribunal for sex, race, age, disability, religious beliefs, pregnancy, marital status or sexual orientation discrimination or harassment can be augmented by a further application usually heard at the same time for victimisation thereby ensuring enhanced financial compensation, which is already unlimited for this category of unlawful behaviour. Out victimisation solicitors also advise that this protection also extends to cases where the victim intends to be a witness in support of a colleague who has complained about discrimination or harassment.

Potential Legal Remedies

If you have suffered from this unlawful behaviour there are a number of things that a victimisation solicitor will advise that you do apart from making a complaint to management. If you have not started legal action for discrimination or harassment but you have been victimised for stating your intention to do so you can include a complaint for victimisation in addition to the complaints for discrimination and harassment in your application for compensation to the Employment tribunal. If you have an on going complaint due to be heard before a tribunal you can amend the application to include a claim for compensation for harassment. If your substantive application for discrimination or harassment has been dealt with you can make a new application for victimisation even if the initial application failed or was withdrawn. If you are a witness who has been victimised you can make a new application to the Employment Tribunal no matter the outcome of the application that you were to be called as a witness.

Victimisation Solicitors

Our victimisation solicitors deal with applications to the Employment Tribunal for compensation. If you believe that you have a viable victimisation claim we offer free advice without further obligation. For a free consultation with a specialist employment solicitor who deals with victimisation compensation claims please do not hesitate to use the helpline, or complete the contact form or email our offices.

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