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Info-graphic courtesy of Redbrick Solutions

Our employment solicitors deal with compensation claims before the Employment Tribunal using a 'Conditional Fee Agreement' otherwise known as the no win no fee scheme. There is no upfront payment and claims are entirely financed by our solicitors. The Employment Tribunal is not a 'Court of Law' and is not bound by strict court rules thereby making it a less formal and less intimidating experience than it might be otherwise. It is intended that applicants will be better able to deal worth their claim without legal representation however most employees will be represented by a solicitor or barrister and it is therefore in the applicant’s interests to be also represented by a legal expert.

The Employment Tribunal does not award legal costs in their Judgement which means that the solicitor’s legal fee for carrying out the work must be paid by the represented party on a private basis. Our solicitors operate the no win no scheme which means that if your case is lost you will not have to pay anything to either your lawyer or the lawyer representing the employer however if you win your case and receive compensation, you solicitor will receive a pre-arranged percentage of the damages award in recompense for the work that has been put into the case. This percentage is agreed in writing before the case starts.

If you have been unlawfully or unfairly dismissed or if you have been the victim of discrimination, harassment or victimisation whilst at work or in a work related situation you should contact our solicitors by using the helpline and you will receive free legal advice on employment law without charge and further obligation. We also advise on redundancy payments, sham redundancy and settlement agreements.

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0017

Solicitors Helpline 0345 515 0974